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Pammvi Group of Companies is among the few reputed and fast growing organizations prepared for capitalizing on new economy in India. Pammvi has diversified activities and represents global leaders in India for their range of products in its various divisions viz.,Lighting automation, specialized Energy Saving Devices including occupancy sensors, motion sensors, wireless sensors, pir motion sensor, presence sensor, CO2 sensor, hot air gun, heat shrink gun, hot melt glue gun, audio video intercom systems, audio video door phones, tool monitoring devices, medical products including drugs of abuse test kits, nicotine cotinine urine test kit, diagnostic Kits, surgical blades, Automated External Defibrillators (AED), Oil and gas, Hydrulic wrenches, Subsea production control fluids, valves, Aviation and several other products including Automatic Transmitters & Receivers and many more items. Pammvi has bagged the highest sales award from most of its foreign principals for being the most successful company among its other partners in the world.



PIR Motion Sensors' (Professional Products) Website : Click Here
Motion Sensors' Website : Click Here
Website - hot air guns for heat shrink applications http://www.heatshrinkgunsindia.com
Website for Nicotine cotinine urine rapid test kits http://www.cotinine-urine-nicotine-test.com

Steinel Cordless Solutions: Heat Gun and Glue Guns




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motion sensors and occupancy sensors FOR | heat shrink guns | hot air guns | hot melt glue guns | automated external defibrillators (aed) | surgical blades |
audio video door phones | drugs of abuse test kits | HID dimming solutions | CO2 sensors |

Energy Conservation Division / Sensor / Lighting Automation Division Engineering and Mechanical Division Export Medical Division Oil & Gas Division Tools Division / HOT AIR GUNS Trading Division Valves