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We have over 3,000 satisfied customers because of our high standards. We are able to offer our services to clients from India and all over the world, including some of the biggest corporations in the nation.


When Pammvi started, it had a clear goal: to get more of its products into workplaces to make them safer. Because of this, our specialty sorbent products for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets are well-known.

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Our customer service is great, and they can help you solve any problems before you have to call technical support.

Company Profile

About Pammvi

Pammvi works for a big, diverse company with more than 330 employees spread out all over India. All their distributors and sub-distributors added up to more than 1,500.

We work with a large group of partners to help all of our clients. The main goal of our team is to build a strong foundation for our company’s future growth. We don’t just talk about excellence and greatness; we live them daily.

From a strategic standpoint, Pammvi Group now serves a wide range of industries in the new economy, including pharmaceuticals, food safety, petrochemical laboratory testing, and five-star hotel chains, as well as multinational corporations in the food and packing industry, oil and gas industry, as well as the plastics, automotive, textile, and textile manufacturing industries.


Pammvi Group – Market Leaders

Pammvi’s various divisions include representatives from international locations who are based in India. Distributors and sub-distributors for each division total more than 1500, with 330 personnel in India.

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Pammvi Law

Pammvi Law Associates LLP is a law company dedicated to resolving disputes rather than litigating them. Pammvi Law Associates LLP’s staff is structured to give solutions and to do so in straightforward English without confusing the client, but will utilise legal jargon.

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Pammvi Consultancy

Pammvi Consultancy Services Limited headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. PAMMVI’s mission has been to help you to achieve your marketing goals in India and guide you through the sometimes challenging terrain of Indian business valuation, strategy planning, market research


The customer service department of a company must be set up to deal with problems that customers bring up and meet their needs for help.

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Oil Sorbents

The oil that has been recovered must be thrown away in a way that follows local, state, and federal rules. When oil sorbent is taken out of materials, it must be thrown away or recycled carefully. When using sorbents for cleaning oil spills, it’s essential to use pads that soak up the oil. Several new sorbent materials and oil collection technologies have been suggested to improve oil absorption and make oil recovery easier.

Meat Soaker Pads

Soaker pads often absorb extra liquid and compensate for the weight loss that happens when meat pads are stored and packaged. Our meat soaker cushions make packaged meat look better by stopping the loss of colour and the growth of purged hearts during display. Processors of Meat Soaker Pads, poultry, and fish can use this to package their products.

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Ophthalmic Lenses

Your new glasses give you much more than just the results of your eye exam at Pammvi Group. We pick the best lens for you based on what you need to see. In our work, we only use lenses of the highest quality. Pammvi also sells an ophthalmic knife, micro-surgical blades, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution USP, surgical instruments, a suction pump, artificial eyes, and both hydrophobic and hydrophilic acrylic.

Pammvi Consultancy

Pammvi Consultancy Services Limited headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Pammvi Consultancy Services Limited is in the sectors of: Marketing. To connect with Pammvi Consultancy Services Limited’s employee register on Signalhire. PAMMVI’s mission has been to help you to achieve your business goals in India and guide you through the sometimes challenging terrain of Indian business valuation, strategy planning, market research

Our Services

Products Of Pammvi

Pammvi Group offers a variety of products that can improve our daily lives, including Oil Sorbents, Meat Soaker Pads, Ophthalmic Lenses, Hot Air Guns, Oil & Gas, etc. We service numerous industries.


Beyond-industry products and services. It’s nice to be noticed for what we’ve done. We’re driven to get better.

Testing Facility

Worldwide, the Pammvi Group is well-known for its testing abilities. We’re proud of our resources and infrastructure.

Quality Control

Taking care of quality Like Oil Sorbents, Pammvi Industries thinks that quality is not something you do, but something you get used to.

Why Choose Pammvi Group

Pammvi is good at making a wide range of products from polymers. Our facilities only have high-quality equipment, and we make things for the food packaged, chemical, and oil & gas industries. Our products are made in a way that is good for the environment and focuses on quality.



Happy customers across a wide range of global industries


Industries Served

Food packaging, chemical, and oil and gas industries.



We serve in more than 10 countries, including the USA, India, UK, Europe, Japan and other places.

Industries We Supply To

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Food Packaging Industry

Polyethene films and laminates are used in food packaging supplies. They are used to make absorbent pads for packaging foods like fruit, meat, and fish.

Chemical Industry

There aren’t many chemicals in the world that can be stored or shipped without first being absorbed by chemical absorbent pads.

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Oil And Gas Industry

During this forecast period, this market will likely grow because of oil and gas industry companies and the rising demand for oil absorbents that can be used more than once.

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Medical Industry
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Health – Petro Chemcials
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Energy Conversation
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Our Client’s Testimonials

Helping you overcome your technolgy challenges

As India steadily moves towards becoming a more developed nation, Pammvi has been on hand to help its clients both at home and abroad to take advantage….


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  • Factory – Achchhad City, Palghar
  • Our Production Facility (Absorbents and Spill Kits)-Panvel.

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