Sensor Light RS PRO 5500

Steinel Sensor Light RS PRO 5500


High-frequency SensorLight RS PRO 5500 Sensor, ideal for corridors and stairwells, interconnectable by cable with RS PRO Slave lights, for 2 x 28 W/T5 lamps, high-frequency SensorLight wit impact-resistant plastic diffuser, 360° detection, reach of 1 – 8 m, selectable time and twilight threshold.
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Live life conveniently and save energy too.
More quality of life, more safety and security and more energy saved with intelligent sensor technology from STEINEL.

Light ON / OFF – automatically.
Highly innovative sensors respond to movements and light levels, automatically and instantaneously switching the light ON and OFF again after a preselected time.

High-frequency SensorLight RS PRO 5500 Sensor has an attractive slender design, a 360° HF-sensor and provides any reach setting between 1 and 8 m. It is designed for 2 x 28 W/T5 lamps-and comes with chip-controlled double electronic ballast to ensure that light is available without flicker or hum, any time and twilight threshold setting, install mode and teach-in mode. The diffuser is resistant to impact (IK 07). The high-frequency SensorLight also has a function for seasoning the tubes (100 hrs.). For complex lighting tasks, the luminaires can be interconnected easily and economically by cable. The RS PRO 5500 Sensor is available as a master and slave version (without sensor). Individual functions and settings can also be selected using an additionally available remote control. Additional loads can be connected without a problem. An LED module with 25 LEDs, emergency light and wireless module are optionally available.
Technical specifications Indoor SensorLight RS PRO 5500
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841749811
Dimensions 1295 x 163 x 64 mm
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Sensor type High Frequency
Transmitter power approx. 1 mW
HF-system 5.8 GHz (responds to the tiniest movement regardless of temperature)
Output 2 x 28 W / T5 (1 chip-controlled twin electronic ballast)
Additional switching capacity maximum of 4 further lights
Detection angle 360° with 160° angle of aperture
Detection also through glass, wood and stud walls
Reach 1-8 m reach all round, infinitely variable, can be limited in 4 directions
Max. area covered 50 m²
Response brightness 2 - 2000 lux lx
Time setting 1 min. - 20 min. + install mode
Degree of protection (IP) IP41
IP rating for ceiling mounting IP44
Protection class I
Impact strength IK07
Temperature range -10°C - +50°C
Material Polycarbonate
Lamp Fluorescent lamp
With lamp No
Corridors and stairwells interconnectable by cable with the slave versions of the RS PRO5000, 5002 LED, 5100, 5200, 5500.