Hot Melt Glue Gun Pen Neo2

Steinel Neo 2 Cordless Glue Gun


Robust cordless hot-melt glue applicator neo2 from STEINEL It is an indispensable helper in the workshop, garage and home, cordless gluing with rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Ready for gluing in 15 sec
Micro USB charging Cable                                                  LED batteries Notification                                             Includes 3 glue sticks of 7mm
Micro USB charging Cable                              LED Batteries Notifications                               Include 3 glue sticks 7mm

Technical specifications Cordless hot-melt glue applicator neo2
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841334208
Max. glue capacity 8 g/min
Max. stick diameter 7 mm
Max. stick length 150 mm
Warming-up time 0.25 min
Weight of machine 0.446 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 157 x 47 x 158 mm
Voltage 3.6 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Max. frequency 60 Hz
Warm-up time approx. 15 seconds
Melt temperature 170 °C
Delivery rate 3 g /min.
Rechargeable-battery run time P00257v001
Battery charging time 90% in 3 hours
Weight 275 grams
Model Folding box
Glue sticks Ø 7 mm
Applications :

DIY and repair work.
An indispensable helper in the workshop, garage and home.

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