Motion Sensor IS 1

Infrared motion detector IS 1


Infrared motion detector IS 1, for indoors and out, ideal for targeted coverage of small areas, 120° angle of coverage, reach up to 10 m, selectable time and twilight threshold, sensor turns through 30° and tilts through 180° for exact adjustment of the detection zone.

Motion Sensor IS 1
Live life conveniently and save energy too.
More quality of life, more safety and security and more energy saved with intelligent sensor technology from STEINEL.

Light ON / OFF – automatically.
Highly innovative sensors respond to movements and light levels, automatically switching the light ON and OFF again after a preselected time.

The IS 1 infrared motion detector comes with perfected sensor technology and an unobtrusive design at a surprisingly low price. The technical features: A 120° detection zone that can be matched to specific needs or room situation thanks to the sensor lens that turns through 30° and tilts through 180°. Additionally the detection zone can be limited in any way required by fitting the shrouds provided. Time and twilight threshold can be adjusted to suit needs at an easily accessible control dial. And the generously sized and clearly arranged terminal compartments makes almost childs play of wiring as well as wall or ceiling-mounting. The supply lead can be concealed or surface-mounted.
Technical specifications Infrared motion detector IS 1 White
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841600310
Dimensions(w x h x d) 50 x 80 x 120 mm
Model Movement sensor
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Sensor type Passive infrared
Application indoors and outdoors
Installation Wall
max. output (resistive load, incandescent lamp) 500 W
Detection angle 120°
Swivelling range 60 °
Tilting range 180 °
Reach 10 m max.
Response brightness 2-2000 lx
Time setting 8 sec. - 35 min.
Degree of protection (IP) IP54
Protection class II
Version White
Outdoors and indoors for targeted detection of movement in small areas close to the building.