Motion Sensor IS 3360

Infrared motion detector IS 3360


Infrared motion detector IS 3360 for indoors and out, ideal for watching over high spaces and large areas, such as multi-storey and underground car parks, installation height up to 4 m, 360° angle of coverage, reach 20 m max. (tangential), large terminal compartment for easy installation, heavy-duty relay for high switching capacity.
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IS 3360, the 360° infrared motion detector with a max. reach of 20 m for mounting on ceilings at a height of up to 4 m. With a 360° angle of coverage, 180° angle of aperture and 20 m tangential reach, the IS 3360 infrared motion detector watches over every inch of space in all directions in rooms up to 4 m high. The motion detector is equipped with 3 highly sensitive pyro-sensors. It also comes with a pulse function (ON for 2 sec) and automatically memorises ambient brightness in the teach mode. It identifies parallel-connected motion detectors and deactivates their brightness detection capability automatically too.
Technical specifications Infrared motion detector IS 3360
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841606411
Model Movement sensor
Dimensions(w x h x d) 95 x 95 x 65 mm
Voltage 230 - 240 V / 50 Hz (2.5 mm² max.)
Sensor type Passive infrared
Application indoors and outdoors
Installation Ceiling
Recommended installation height 2.50-4.00 m
max. output (resistive load, incandescent lamp) 2000 W
max. output (uncorrected, inductive, cos φ = 0.5, e.g. fluorescent lamps) 1000 VA
max. output (series-corrected) 900 W
max. output (parallel corrected, with C ≤ 45.6 µF) 500 W
Detection angle 360° with 180° angle of aperture
Creep-under protection Yes
Reach 20 m max. tangential, temperature-stabilised. + precision adjustment using shrouds
Sensor system 11 detection levels
1416 switching zones
Response brightness 2-2000 lx
Teach-function for response value luminosity Yes
Time setting 5 sec. - 15 min.
Pulse mode (approx. 2 sec.)
Manual override selectable, 4h
Degree of protection (IP) IP54
Protection class II
Temperature -20-+50 °C
Indoors and outdoors up to a mounting height of 4 m particularly for watching over high spaces and large areas (e.g. multi-storey and underground car parks).