Styrofix Polystyrene Cutter

Foam Cutter


Polystyrene cutter Styrofix, for cutting rigid foam with ease and precision, ideal for rigid foam sheets and boards, such as polystyrene, Sagex, Alporit, includes 3 blades.
Blades easy to change                  Easy to use                  Includes various blades                   Max cutting depth 50mm
Blades easy to change         Easy to use                   Includes various blades         Max cutting depth

Technical specifications Styrofix polystyrene cutter
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841334017
Nominal power consumption 45 W
Weight of machine 0.315 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) P00266v001
Power consumption 250 W
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Voltage P00238v001
Weight 0.315 kg
Output during heat-up phase 250 W
Output in working phase 45 W
Output during idle phase 20 W
Warm-up time 6 min.
Working temperature 200 °C
Cutting depth 50 mm
Model Folding box
Applications :

Making polystyrene rings and wreaths
Cutting out letters
Creating model landscapes
Cutting U-channels for embedding cables
Cutting coving
Precision cutting in model-making

Creating model landscapes           Making polystrene wreth             Pricision cutting in model-making

          Creating models and landscapes                                   Making polystyrene wreath                                  Precision cutting in model making

                                                                                 Cutting out letters

                                                                                                      Cutting out letters