Electric Heat Gun HG 2220 E

2200 Watts Heat Gun


Electronically controlled HG 2220 E hot air tool. 2200 W, infinitely variable temperature setting from 80 – 630 °C in 9 steps by thumbwheel. Airflow regulation in 2 stages from 150l/min to 500l/min. Integrated fine dust filter.
Replaceble power cord                                             Infinitely variable temperature adjustment                                               Ergonomic soft grip handle
Replaceable Power cord               Infinitely variable temperature adjustment                Ergonomic soft grip


Air inlet with integrated fibe dust filter                                            2 stage air Flow
Air inlet with integrated                                  2 stage air flow
fine dust filter  

More uses :

Welding plastic sheeting by overlap welding
Welding HGV curtain sides
Heating and drying processes of any kind
Applying and removing edgebanding