Hot Air Heat Gun HG 2000 E

2000 Watts Hot Air Gun


Electronic hot air gun HG 2000 for the trades, infinitely variable temperature (100 - 600° C), 2-stage airflow (300l/min, 500l/min), slim-line design, practical and lightweight.
Technical specifications electronically controlled hot air gun HG 2000 E
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841342616
Nominal power consumption 2000 W
Temperature 100-600 °C
With temperature control Yes
With temperature indication No
Air flow control 2 stages
Weight of machine 0.620 kg
Length/dia. (at knock guard) 325 mm / 85 mm
Voltage 230 V /?50 Hz (other voltages also available)
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption 2000 W
Min. temperature range 100 °C
Max. temperature range 600 °C
Temperature control Continuously variable
Temperature regulation Continuously variable
Min. airflow rate 300 l/min
Max. airflow rate 500 l/min
Motor DC motor
Heating element Ceramic
Delivery nozzle 34 mm
Weight 0.620 kg
Model Folding box
(electronically controlled) Yes
Welding truck tarpaulins