Heavy Duty Heat Gun HG 5000 E

3400 Watts Heat Gun


Electronically controlled hot air gun HG 5000 E, ideal for industrial use (installation work in machines, heating large areas etc.), high-performance brushless motor, infinitely variable temperature from 20 - 600° C and continuously adjustable airflow up to 800 l/min., display, wear parts replaced with effortless ease
Replaceble power cord                       Plug in heating element                       LED segment display
Replaceble power cord         Plug in heating element               LED segment display

Technical specifications electronically controlled hot air gun HG 5000 E Folding box
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841350116
Nominal power consumption 3400 W
Temperature 20-600 °C
With temperature control Yes
With temperature indication Yes
Air volume 800 l/min
Air flow control Continuously variable
Weight of machine 1.190 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) P00242v001
Voltage P00243v001
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption 3400 W
Min. temperature range 20 °C
Max. temperature range 600 °C
Temperature control Continuously variable
Temperature regulation Continuously variable
Temperature setting in 10 °C steps
Max. airflow rate 800 l/min
Airflow regulation Continuously variable
Air pressure 3000 Pa
Motor Brushless motor
Motor life 20000 hrs.
Heating element Ceramic
Heater life approx. 500 - 800 hrs.
Indicated on the tool LED segment display
Delivery nozzle 50 mm
Mains power cord H07RN-F 2x1.5
Weight 1.190 kg
Model Folding box
(electronically controlled) Yes
More uses :

Welding plastic – with pinpoint accuracy or with plastic welding rod

Welding plastic sheeting by overlap welding

Shaping and heat-shrinking

Installing components into machines

Drying damp surface