Hot Glue Gun PurGlue 50

Fast And Strong Bond Glue Gun


Hot-melt glue applicator PurGlue 50, ideal for use in damp environments, extremely high final bond strength, adhesive for all materials (apart from PP, PE, polystyrene), waterproof, high loading capacity, 7.5 times the strength of glue sticks, weather-resistant.
Technical specifications Hot-melt glue applicator PurGlue 50
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841333812
Nominal power consumption 14 W
Max. glue capacity 48 g/min
Warming-up time 13 min
Weight of machine 0.400 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 210 x 47 x 170 mm
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Output during heat-up phase 500 W
Power consumption 14 W
Warm-up time 10 - 13 min
Melt temperature 100 ° - 140 °C
Open time 60 sec +/- 15 sec (depending on material)
Glue final strength reached 1 – 5 days (depending on material)
Max. application time after heating up 15 – 20 min. (cordless glueing)
Weight 0.400 kg (without stand)
Thermally stable -40° to +100° C
Exchangeable nozzles No
Model Folding box
Adhesive PurGlue cartridge
More uses :

Ideal for use outdoors
Perfect for areas exposed to moisture

Example of use(PurGlue 50)4                      Example of use(PurGlue 50)3   

Example of use(PurGlue 50)                    Example of use(PurGlue 50)2