Hot Air Gun HL 1400 S

1400 Watt Heat Gun


Hot Air Gun HL 1400 S is use for thawing, drying, tin-plating, setting bonded joints, dust-free paint stripping.
Attractively priced starter model with two heat settings for all hot air applications without reduction nozzles.

Possible Applications

For thawing, drying, tin-plating, setting bonded joints, dust-free paint stripping.


Switch for adjusting temperature and airflow settings. For applications up to approx. 500°C.


Ergonomically shaped handle. Industrial grade rubber power cord. Low weight.
Item No.                     345914
Dimensions (lxwxh)     230 x 195 x 75 mm
Output                       1400 Watt
Voltage                       230 – 240 V, 50 Hz
Weight                        550 g

Stage                         Airflow rate                  Temperature

1                                240 l/min                     300°C

2                                450 l/min                     500°C                      
. .

Paint Stripping

Shrinking Cable Sleeves

Unscrewing Wheel Nuts

Removing Labels

Lighting Barbecues

Cleaning Barbecue Grills