Sanitary Rupture Disc

DonadonSDD SCR Rupture Discs


Sanitary Rupture Disc

Donadon NS NanoScored rupture discs are very well suited for sanitary application in Pharmaceutical, Food and Biotech industries, for plants with C.I.P. (cleaning in place) and S.I.P. (steaming in place) technology and productions according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

DonadonSDD NS NanoScored rupture discs can be installed in Clamp type connectors (sanitary, Tri-Clamp, Tank Collection) and are completely made of metal (Stainless Steel AISI 316L or other alloys according to customer specifications) and have a smooth process contact surface.

NS NanoScored technology is suitable for manufacturing rupture discs with a wide range of rupture pressure for all diameters.

In many cases, DonadonSDD NS NanoScored discs can be manufactured with built-in full vacuum resistance, without need of vacuum supports. A very important aspect is disc availability for non-PED applications (pressure lower than 0.5 barg) with vacuum resistance for diameters 1” ½ (DN 40) and above.

NS NanoScored series for Clamp connectors include both traditional rupture discs (tension) like the SCD model and reverse discs (compression) like models SCR, Y90 and KRD.

They fully open in all cases without fragmentation.

Standard seals are in FDA-certified PTFE. NS NanoScored rupture discs can be supplied upon request with seals certified in accordance with UPS class VI regulations.