Sensor Light RS PRO LED S1

STEINEL Germany LED Lighting System.


The smartest light in the world, now even better! High-frequency SensorLight RS PRO LED S1 sensor glass cool white, ideal for office corridors, passageways, WC facilities, stairwells, can be wirelessly interconnected with RS PRO LED S1, 16 W LED.
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STEINEL LED lighting system. Efficient, long-lasting and trendsetting.
More quality of life, more safety and security and more energy saved with intelligent sensor and LED technology from STEINEL.

Light ON/OFF – automatically.
Highly innovative sensors respond to movements and light levels, automatically and instantaneously switching the light ON and OFF again after a preselected time.

Slim-line, purist-looking high-frequency SensorLight RS PRO LED S1 Sensor glass (with high-quality opal glass shade) for indoors. With 16 W LEDs and a colour temperature of 4000 K. The LED light needs no start-up period but instantly reaches full output. The LEDs have a life expectancy of around 50,000 h which means no maintenance work is necessary and lamps never need changing. The STEINEL Active-Thermo-Control system continuously monitors and regulates the temperature of the LEDs. This prevents overheating and prolongs LED life expectancy. The combination of LED light and HF-sensor technology provides the last word in energy efficiency. The high-frequency SensorLight has a 360° angle of coverage and max. reach of 8 m. It can be limited in four directions. Using master/master configurations, the RS PRO LED S1 Sensor Glass can be interconnected with several lights in a room by integrated 868 MHz wireless communication to create a group.
Technical specifications Sensor Light RS PRO LED S1
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841006990
Dimensions 300 x 300 x 71 mm
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Sensor type High Frequency
Transmitter power approx. 1 mW
Output 16 W LED (1.8 W when dimmed)
HF-system 5.8 GHz (responds to the tiniest movement regardless of temperature)
Additional switching capacity Master/master configurations via 868 MHz wireless link
Brightness 887 lm
Brightness (without shade) 1200 lm
Efficiency 55.43 lm/W
Efficiency (without shade/diffuser) 75 lm/W
Light colour 4000 K / SDCM 3
Colour rendering Ra ≥ 80
LED life expectancy 50,000 h (L70B10 to LM80)
LED cooling system Active Thermo Control
Detection angle 360° with 160° angle of aperture
Detection also through glass, wood and stud walls
Reach 1-8 m reach all round, infinitely variable, can be limited in 4 directions
Max. area covered 50 m²
Response brightness 2 - 2000 lux lx
Basic light level 10% dimming
a) all night
, b) 10 min. after selected time elapses
, c) 30 min. after selected time elapses
Time setting 5 sec. - 15 min.
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Protection class II
Impact strength IK02
Temperature range -10°C - +50°C
Material Aluminium base and glass shade
With lamp STEINEL LED system
Version Glass CW

More uses : 

Office corridors, passageways, WC facilities, stairwell
including wireless interconnection capability (with RS PRO LED S1)

Indoor SensorLight RS PRO LED S1-A