Motion Sensor Light 20 W

Sensor Controlled Downlight


Professional integrator with LED system. Sensor-controlled downlighter RS PRO DL LED, ideal for large installations, e.g. WC facilities at airports, in schools, office buildings or administration centres, interconnectable by cable with RS PRO DL LED Slave, recessed ceiling mounting, 20 W/1229,9 lm, 4000 K, 360° detection, reach from 2 – 8 m.
Including STEINEL LED system         Intelligent LED Cooling system          Ceiling flush installation          Interconnectable by cable           Only adjustable with optional remote control RC2

STEINEL LED lighting system.
Efficient, long-lasting and trendsetting. More quality of life, more safety and security and more energy saved with intelligent sensor and technology from STEINEL.

Light ON / OFF – automatically.
Highly innovative sensors respond to movements and light levels, automatically and instantly switching the light ON and OFF again after a preselected time.
Technical specifications Motion Sensor Light  20 W RS PRO DL LED
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841007751
Voltage 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz (can be operated with direct current in emergency lighting mode)
Sensor type High Frequency
Transmitter power approx. 1 mW
HF-system 5.8 GHz (responds to the tiniest movement regardless of temperature)
Output 20 W
Additional load connection only via Eltako ER12 DX-UL
Brightness 1229.9 lm
Efficiency 61.8 lm/W
Light colour 4000 K / SDCM 5
Colour rendering Ra ≥ 80
LED life expectancy 50,000 h (L70B10 to LM80)
LED cooling system Passive Thermo Control
Detection angle 360° with 160° angle of aperture
Detection also through glass, wood and stud walls
Reach 2?– 8 m all round, infinitely variable (by remote control only)
Max. area covered 50 m²
Response brightness 2-2000 lx
Basic light level 10% dimming
a) all night
, b) 10 min. after selected time elapses
, c) 30 min. after selected time elapses
Time setting 1 min. - 1 hr.
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Protection class II
Temperature range -10-+50
With lamp STEINEL LED system
Model 22 W CW

More uses :

indoors, ceiling mounting
large facilities (e.g. WC areas) in airports, in schools, office buildings or administration centres, can be interconnected by cable with RS PRO DL LED Slave