Motion Sensor Halogen Flood Light HS 502

Light ON / OFF Automatically On Respond To Movements And Light Levels.


Sensor-switched halogen floodlight HS 502, ideal for loading bays, courtyard entrances and outdoor spaces around buildings, interconnectable by cable, for 500 W/R7s max., includes 400 W ECO linear lamp, 180° detection, reach 12 m max. and 5 m max., selectable time and twilight threshold.
UV resistant plastic                   Interconnectable by cable                    High quality aluminium                        400W ECO Linear halogen included
UV Resistant Plastic              Interconnectable by cable          High quality Aluminium            400W ECO linear halogen included
Technical specifications Sensor-switched outdoor floodlight HS 502 Black
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841632717
Dimensions(w x h x d) 236 x 220 x 155 mm
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Output max. of 500 W/R7 linear halogen lamp
Sensor type Passive infrared
max. output (resistive load, incandescent lamp) 500 W
max. output (uncorrected, inductive, cos φ = 0.5, e.g. fluorescent lamps) 500 VA
max. output (electronic ballasts, capacitive, e.g. low-energy lamps) max. of 2 each, ? 44 µF
Detection angle 180° with 90° angle of aperture
Floodlight positioning range 30° horizontally, 40° vertically
Reach 2 basic settings: 12 m max. or 5 m max., + precision adjustment using shrouds, temperature-stabilised
Capability of masking out individual segments Yes
Sensor system 10 detection levels (12 m), 9 detection levels (5 m)
504 switching zones (12 m), 412 switching zones (5 m)
Response brightness 2-2000 lx
Time setting 10 sec. - 15 min.
Degree of protection (IP) IP44
Protection class I
Material UV-resistant plastic and aluminium floodlight head
Temperature range -20°C - +40°C
With lamp Yes, 400 W ECO linear lamp
Lamp Halogen lamp
Version Black

More uses :

Loading bays
Courtyard entrances
Outdoor areas around buildings
Interconnectable by cable

Sensor-switched outdoor floodlight HS 502 (2)