Heat Gun HL 1620 S

1600 W Heat Gun


The two-speed HL 1620 S hot air tool soon becomes indispensable. Ideal for drying plasterwork, shrinking on cable sleeves, thawing frozen water pipes, stripping paint, waxing skis and snowboards and much more besides.
Optimized weight balance                  Two stage air flow

Optimised Weight Balance             2 stage air flow
Drying plaster work, lighting the barbecue or finally getting round to waxing those skis: around the home and elsewhere too, there are endless jobs to be done. Just as well when there‘s professional assistance. The HL 1620 S hot air tool helps to overcome everyday challenges with effortless ease. Adjustable in two stages, this all-rounder works in a temperature range of 300 or 500 °C, comes with an optimised weight balance for fatigue-free work as well an integrated thermal cut-out. And all weighing in at only 670 grams. Second to none!
Technical specifications Hot air tool HL 1620 S
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841351106
Dimensions (l x w x h) 252 x 85.5 x 200 mm
Voltage 220 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Max. frequency 60 Hz
Power consumption 1600 W
Min. temperature range 300 °C
Max. temperature range 500 °C
Temperature regulation Yes
Temperature setting 2-stage
Min. airflow rate 240 l/min
Max. airflow rate 450 l/min
Airflow regulation 2 stages
Air volume 450 l/min
Motor Brush motor
Heating element Micanite
Protection class (without earth terminal) II
Thermostat No
Thermal cut-out Yes
Power cord length 2.20 m
Weight 0.67 kg
Model Folding box
(electronically controlled) No
Thawing      shaping      Paint stripping     
                         Thawing                                                     Shaping                                          Paint stripping
Mending      Cleaning      Crimping

                       Mending                                                       Cleaning                                                    Crimping

More uses :

Drying plaster work

Thawing frozen water pipes

Stripping paint


Drying paint

Waxing skis and snowboards

Shrinking on cable sleeves and much more.