Modern Outdoor Motion Sensor Light L 800 LED iHF

Designer Sensor Switched Outdoor Light


The most modern outdoor light in the world. Designer sensor-switched outdoor light L 800 LED iHF with invisible high-frequency sensor, ideal for building entrances and fronts of buildings, 10 W STEINEL LED lighting system, 440 lm, 160° coverage angle, reach from 1 - 5 m, for stylish downlighting, includes soft light start.
LED system included     Invisible high frequency sensor     Intelligent soft light start      Optional basic light level 10%     High quality aluminium
Technical Specifications Modern Outdoor Motion Sensor Light  L 800 LED iHF
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841671419
Dimensions(w x h x d) 88 x 230 x 145 mm
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Sensor type iHF (intelligent high-frequency technology)
Transmitter power approx. 1 mW
Output 10 W
Additional switching capacity No
Brightness 440 lm
Efficiency 44 lm/W
Light colour 3000 K / SDCM 3
Detection angle 160°
Reach 1 - 5 m
Response brightness 2-2000 lx
Time setting 5 sec. - 15 min.
Basic light level 10%
Manual override selectable, 4h
Soft light start Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP44
Protection class II
Material Aluminium, UV-resistant plastic
With lamp STEINEL LED system

More Uses :

Outdoors, ideal for building entrances and fronts of buildings.