Bacterial Endotoxin Test Kit

Bacterial Endotoxin Test Kit From Wako USA


Bacterial Endotoxin Test Kit
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Introduction : the usp bacterial endotoxins test <85>6 provides standardized procedures for validation prior to routine use.

however, the specificity of lal is not absolute 7 it has been reported that lal reacts not only with endotoxin by also with §-1, 3-glucan. Although the cascade system activated by §-1,3-glucan has been shown to be different than the one activated by endotoxin', the end result, gel-clot formation is indistinguishable.

the activation of lal by glucan in a sample can be prevented by adding a large amount of carboxymethylated curdlan (cmc) to lal. The presence of large amounts of glucan does not interfere with the quantitation of endotoxin. Wako first made use of these findings by developing an es-buffer, which contains high concentrations of cmc. When the es-buffer is used to reconstitute lal, the lal reagent becomes endotoxin-specific.

pyrostar tm es-f is a new preparation of lal in which cm-curdlan is colyophilized with lal. Reconstituting pyrostar tm es-f multi test vials with lal reagent water results in an endotoxin-specific lal reagent.

reagents provided
limulus ameobocyte lysate lal( 2ml & 5. 2 ml vials)of sensitivity 0. 03,0. 06,0. 125 control standard endotoxin cse (500ng/vial)lysate reagent water ( 30ml & 100 ml packs)

product feature
single lysate for gel clot and kinetic turbidometric testadjust ph between 6-8 in mostcases. ( endotoxin specific )