Control Standard Endotoxin

Control Standard Endotoxin


Control Standard Endotoxin
Pammvi is the authorised suppliers, agents, dealers and wholesalers for Wako USA manufactured Control Standard Endotoxin. This is USFDA licensed facility.

Our Control Standard Endotoxin is a lyophilized product composed of 500ng of endotoxin, purified from E. Coli UKT-B strain that serves as an accurate and dependable standard for endotoxin testing.

CSE4037-5006 - Control Standard Endotoxin
Kit of 6 x 500Ng/vial
  • Endotoxin derived from E. Coli UKT-B
  • Prepare controls and standard curves
  • RSE/CSE ratios supplied to match specific lots of LAL
  • Can be used for depyrogenation validation
  • Reconstituted CSE can be stored at 2-10°C for 1 month

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6 vials (500 ng / vial)