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How can the patient cheat a Rapid Urine Drug Test

How can the patient cheat a Rapid Urine Drug Test

Cheating a Rapid Urine Drug Test is commonplace nowadays. Patients or subjects can dilute their Urine Samples  by drinking excess amounts of fluids before taking the drug test. These days most employers ask their employees to take a Urine Drug Test to check for consumption of illegal drugs. The safety syndrome is so critical especially for Companies engaged with Mass Transportation e.g. Pilots, Train & Bus Drivers, Crane Haulers, Infrastructure Construction Workers etc that almost all these employees have to undergo the Narcotic & Alcohol Investigation. These tests ensure that their workforce don’t operate under the influence of illicit substances, thereby impeding productivity and endangering lives.

Dilution is an appropriate and effective approach for beating a urine drug test. It works by diluting toxins, such as THC and other drug residues, within the urine and body. One approach to dilution involves consuming a detox drink or your own mixture with roughly 20 oz of fluid, a dose of creatine, b-vitamins, and maybe an added zinc supplement sixty minutes prior to the test.  Zinc supplements can help to reduce the test’s sensitivity further. You should urinate a couple of times before taking your test. Source:

Multi Drug Urine Test Panel
Multi Drug Urine Test Panel


Another form of tampering is substitution. Samples can be substituted with non-urine substances such as apple juice, lemonade, beer, or water. Also, samples can be substituted with another person’s urine and be brought into the collection site by taping a bag of urine to their leg or by using a pump.

Here is a breakdown of how long you will need to abstain for different types of drugs.

Urine Dilution Table
Urine Dilution Table


Prevention of Sample Tampering

Having a controlled sample collection environment and procedure can help minimize tampered samples. Diluted or substituted samples can have abnormal temperatures; therefore, we offer a sample collection cup with a temperature strip to ensure the sample is the correct temperature before the test is performed. Make sure temperatures are taken within 4 minutes of sample collection. In addition, donors can be required to wash their hands prior to providing the sample and/or provide their sample in a bathroom with limited water supply.

Written by Amit Gupta

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