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Breakaway Couplings

  • Marine Breakaway Couplings

    klaw marine21

    The KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling (Marine BAC) protects assets, personnel and the environment during offshore transfer operations. The KLAW Marine BAC provides an identified and safe parting point within the hose transfer system. When tensile forces exceed predetermined tolerances, the KLAW Marine BAC activates. The KLAW Marine BAC therefore delivers two distinct safety features. * Closure…

  • Ttma Breakaway Couplings

    ttma breakaway couplings

    Truck and Trailers Manufacturers Association (TTMA) Breakaway Coupling for truck loading at terminals using bottom Loading Arms. This vital piece of equipment significantly reduces the consequences of a truck or railcar drive-off. Instantaneous closure of upstream and downstream flow reduces the risk of asset damage and injury potentially caused by spillage. Separation of the Breakaway…

  • Full Bore Zero Headloss Breakaway Coupling

    full bore breakaway coupling 1

    The KLAWZERO Full Bore is the only Breakaway Coupling of its kind in the world that provides double valve 100% instantaneous shut-off and is suitable for viscous, abrasive or hazardous media transfers. The KLAWZERO Full Bore provides an identified and safe parting point within the transfer system and is specially designed for the demands of…