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Double Way

  • Donadonsdd Double Way Dif Rupture Discs

    donadonsdd double way dif rupture discs

    PROPERTIES DonadonSDD DIF rupture discs are composite conventional discs formed by four parts: a slotted, perforated metal part a seal membrane (usually in PTFE but also available in many other metallic or non-metallic materials) a protection section a calibration ring This disc has been designed to be mounted between flanges. It is excellent for use…

  • Donadon Sdd Forward Acting Scd Rupture Discs

    donadonsdd scd rupture discs forward acting2

    PROPERTIES DonadonSDD SCD Rupture discs obtained with NS Nanoscored technology are discs with micro-scored calibrated sections opening in petals, characterised by the presence of 4, 6 or more radial scoring. This allows for better opening reducing the risk of petal detachment. This makes DonadonSDD SCD rupture discs especially suitable at high bursting pressure. They are…