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  • Professional Roofers Just Cannot do without Steinel’s PVC Welding Machines

      Why can’t Professional Roofers do without Steinel’s PVC Welding Machines? Its an innovation on flat roofs.       Why does this Steinel Roofing Machine Stand Out against its competitors Made from Stainless Steel. Rust Proof. Light Weight – 14 kgs. The Transport Box allows mobility and cartage to roof tops or worksites so…

  • Steinel’s Cordless Heat Gun is a Game Changer

    Steinel’s Cordless Heat Guns is a Game Changer. You cut the chord but not the power. It is a technician’s best buddy, his favourite side kick. Say adieu to lengthy power cables. No more searching for that elusive plug point or compatible sockets when working on worksites spread across different locations. Technicians no longer have…

  • What are Plastic Pasteur pipettes

    Plastic Pasteur Pipettes, also known as droppers or eye droppers, are laboratory liquid handling tools that are used to transfer small quantities of liquids. Pasteur Pipettes Pasteur Pipettes are traditionally made from glass, although nowadays plastic Pasteur Pipettes are commonplace in labs around the world. Pasteur Pipettes are essentially glass or plastic tubes that are…

  • What is a Multi Drug Test Kit

    What is a Multi Drug Test Kit Multi Drug Test Kit are also known as MultiPanel Drug Test. These are available both in the Urine and Saliva formats. Normally for Pathological Investigations the Urine based Test Kits are used whilst for DIY or self use, the Saliva based Test Kits are preferred. The Common Opiates…

  • How can the patient cheat a Rapid Urine Drug Test

    How can the patient cheat a Rapid Urine Drug Test Cheating a Rapid Urine Drug Test is commonplace nowadays. Patients or subjects can dilute their Urine Samples  by drinking excess amounts of fluids before taking the drug test. These days most employers ask their employees to take a Urine Drug Test to check for consumption…

  • EDTA Blood Collection Tube

    The EDTA Blood Collection Tube is used for Haematological investigation of Blood Samples collected by venipuncture.  EDTA is known as EthyleneDiamine TetraAcetic Acid and is an in vitro AntiCoagulant. These are available in the Vacuum and Non Vacuum varieties manufactured from plastic known commonly as PET. These are identified by a Purple or Lavender Cap….

  • 7 Seconds to Identify Child Deafness

    “7 Seconds to Identify Child Deafness” 7 Seconds to Identify Child Deafness, 5 Second Printing & 2 Button pushes is all it takes to identify deafness in children. It is believed the diagnosis must be made before the child reaches an age of 6 months. Deafness is curable, you owe it to society Does your…

  • Blood Collection Tube – The basics

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    Blood Collection Tube – The basics  Blood Collection Tube, made from Plastic has replaced the glass tube for blood collection. Its important to understand the purpose of its application. Phlebotomy – is the science of Collecting any Blood Sample for the purpose of Diagnosis, Investigation & Research in a Laboratory. A Vacuum Blood Collection Tube…

  • What are sorbents for oil spills?

    A sorbents oil spill can cause a lot of environmental damage, and it can take a long time and be very hard to clean up the area. More specifically, when oil enters the sea, a lake, a river, or a wetland. That doesn’t mean that spills on land are safe, though. There is no kind…

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