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Nozzle Accessories

  • Nozzle Accessories Transitional Conversion Adapter

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    Transitional Conversion Adaptors This adaptor allows the use of a standard 5-Star nozzle with the existing vapor recovery hose and other equipment. By using this adaptor a marketer can use his “Good” vapor equipment until it fails. This allows the marketer the opportunity to use the vapor hoses and breakaways that they have inventory rather than lose…

  • Nozzle Accessories Conversion Adapters


    M. Carder makes conversion adaptors for all three vapor recovery systems. AV34B-Balance AV34V-Vacuum Assist AV34VH-Healy All of the above conversion adaptors are installed into the dispenser hose base. Conversion Adaptor Specifications Construction Specifications AV34B AV34V AV34VH Inlet: Balance Vac. Healy Outlet: 3⁄4” NPT 3⁄4” NPT 3⁄4” NPT O-rings: Viton Working pressure: 50 PSI max Body: All…