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Options And Accessories

  • Hpc Compression Load Cells

    hpc compression1

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The HPC (high Precision Compression) is a state of the art measurement device. Its highly sophisticated and super sensitive electronics are housed in a rugged fully stainless steel enclosure. Fitted with power surge arrestors, anti-rotation mechanism and inert gas filled for component longevity, the HPC provides for a true IP68 enclosure rating with…

  • Pt7000 Low Profile Mini Disk Stainless Load Cells

    pt7000 low profile mini disk stainless

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The PT7000 welded stainless mini-disk is the long awaited IP68 stainless mini-disk it is perfect for upgrading existing systems or installing new higher protection and performance weighing systems. Utilizing similar high technology welding techniques as used on the world famous HPC truckcell the PT7000 is simply the best low profile sealed stainless compression…