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  • Polypropylene Polymer

    polypropylene Polymer

  • Polyester Chips

    polyester chips

  • Acrylic Polymer

    Acrylic Polymer

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

  • PU Intermediates

    PU Intermediates

    Product Description: After going up in March, prices for polyurethane (PU) raw materials dropped to a multi-year low in April. This was because the coronavirus pandemic forced the facility to close, which cancelled and delayed large isocyanate and polyol orders and put more downward pressure on the industry.

  • MMT Octane Booster

    MMT Octane Booster

    Product Description : Specifications : 1. To improve gasoline antiknock property 2. Improve the gasoline octane number 3. Reduce pollutant discharge Product Description Item SD-98 MMTindex Colour Orange oil state liquid (20ºC),g/ml Density 1.38 (%)Manganes content ≥24.4 ºC Flash point ≥82 ºC Freezing point ≤-1 Dissolubility Dissolve with gassoline and tolueneeach othe, not dissolve in…

  • Naphthalene Intermediates

    Naphthalene Intermediates

    Product Description : With the help our employees, we have been able to provide our clients Naphthalene powder. We processed the offered product keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. It is available in the market at affordable price as per the below…. * Chemical Name: naphthalene * Chemical Formula: C1OH8 * Physical State:…

  • Neo Pentyl Glycol

    Neo Pentyl Glycol

    Product Description : Neopentyl glycol (IUPAC name: 2,2-dimethylpropane-1,3-diol) is an organic chemical compound. It is used in the synthesis of polyesters, paints, lubricants, and plasticizers. When used in the manufacture of polyesters, it enhances the stability of the product towards heat, light, and water. By esterification reaction with fatty or carboxylic acids, synthetic lubricating esters with…

  • Non Phthlate Plasticizers (Adipate, Citrate)

    Non phthalate

    Product Description : – It is Colorless, clear and practically anhydrous Liquid – It is having hardly noticeable odor  Uses Non phthalate plasticizer is listed for use in food contact and medical application.

  • Phthalic Anhydride

    Phthalic Anhydride

    Phthalic anhydride is the organic compound with the formula C6H4(CO)2O. It is the anhydride of phthalic acid. Phthalic anhydride is a principal commercial form of phthalic acid. It was the first anhydride of a dicarboxylic acid to be used commercially.

  • Potassium Carbonate

    Potassium Carbonate

    DESCRIPTION : Potassium carbonate (K2CO3) is a white salt, soluble in water (insoluble in ethanol) which forms a strongly alkaline solution. APPLICATION : P 0037 (OTTO) Potassium carbonate, 99.8% Cas 584-08-7 – used reagent for the alkylation and arylation reactions on carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen centres.

  • Quinaldine


    Product Description Synonym: 2-(4-Dimethylaminostyryl)-1-ethylquinolinium iodide Application : luminous probe for 1-acid glycoprotein; quinolone red (AAG). Biochem/physiol Actions : “Quinaldine Red” (2-(p-Dimethylaminostyryl) quinoline ethiodide) is a powder that is a very dark red that is almost black. Its main uses are in the fields of controlling cell growth, diagnosing diseases linked to amyloid, measuring enzyme activity,…

  • Quinoline


    DESCRIPTION: The chemical formula for quinoline is C9H7N and it is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound. It is an odourless, water-attractive liquid that is highly conspicuous. APPLICATION: The intermediate chemical Q 1255 (OTTO) (OTTO) Cas 91-22-5 quinoline, 97% is used to produce pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds. Several hypertension medications, including the peripheral vasodilators prazosin…

  • Raw Materials for Thermal Paper

    Thermal Paper

    Product Description: We are offering to our customers a wide range of Thermal Paper Roll that has been made available to the customers in both printed and non printed form. Premium quality raw material has been used in the manufacturing of this range. These rolls are widely acclaimed for its features of smoothness, dust resistance…

  • Raw Materials for Toners , Copiers and Printers

    Raw Materials for Toners

    We have a strong association with certified vendors in the industry, who provide us with a wide variety of high quality chemicals. Our vendors formulate and processed these chemicals using finest quality chemical compounds with the aid of advance processing technology. The selection process for the best vendor is done by our professionals on various…

  • Sodium Chlorite

    Sodium Chlorite

    DESCRIPTION: Sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is a chemical compound used in the manufacturing of paper and as a disinfectant. APPLICATION: S 1808 (OTTO) Sodium chlorite, 80% Cas 7758-19-2 – used in the in situ generation of chlorine dioxide for stripping of textiles, bleaching, pulp and paper industries. It acts as a disinfectant in water treatment plant…

  • Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Block Copolymer

    Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer

    Product Descriptions: A basic understanding of block copolymers is crucial in the study of adhesive formulation. In particular, styrene block copolymers (SBC) are a vital component in a wide range of hot melt adhesives. SBC’s have a characteristic structure that makes them ideally suited for many adhesive applications. The selection of a tackifier for a…

  • Tertiary Butanol

    Tertiary Butanol

    Product Description: Tert-butanol is a tertiary alcohol alcohol that is isobutane substituted by a hydroxy group at position 2. It has a role as a human xenobiotic metabolite. It derives from a hydride of an isobutane. Tert-butyl alcohol is a colorless oily liquid with a sharp alcohol odor. Floats and mixes with water. Produces irritating…

  • Thiophenol


    DESCRIPTION: Thiophenol is an organosulfur molecule whose chemical formula can be represented as C6H5SH or PhSH. The most fundamental aromatic thiol. It is a transparent liquid with a foul odour. APPLICATION: T 1651 (OTTO) (OTTO) 98% Thiophenol 3H-benzo[c][1,2]diselenol-3-yl)(phenyl)sulfane synthesis utilising Cas 108-98-5. It was also one of the most crucial components in the production of…

  • Titanium Oxy Chloride


  • Titanium Tetra Chloride

    Titanium tetrachloride

    Product Description: Titanium Tetrachloride is the Inorganic compound with formula TiCl4.It is important intermediate in production of Titanium Metal & pigment Titanium Dioxide. Main Applications:Ti sponge,Timet,TiO2 Chloride process.Solvents for dissolving synthetic resin,rubber,plastic & other organic compounds. APPLICATION: T 1814 (OTTO) Titanium tetrachloride, 99% Cas 7550-45-0 – used to make the pigment titanium dioxide (TiO2). T…

  • Tri Ethyl Ortho Formate

    Triethyl Orthoformate

    DESCRIPTION: Triethyl orthoformate is an organic compound with the formula HC(OC2H5)3. It is a colorless volatile liquid. It is orthoester of formic acid. Commercially available, the industrial synthesis is from hydrogen cyanide and ethanol APPLICATION: T 2115 (OTTO) Triethyl orthoformate, 98% Cas 122-51-0 – used in Bodroux-Chichibabin aldehyde synthesis to prepare an aldehyde with one…

  • Tri Methyl Ortho Formate

    Trimethyl orthoformate

    Product Description: Tri Methyl Ortho Formate is a reagent used in organic synthesis for the formation of methyl ethers. It is a useful building block for creating methoxy methylene groups and heterocyclic ring systems. It is used in the production of the fungicides, azoxystrobin and picoxystrobin. Several pharmaceutical intermediates are also made from trimethyl orthoformate….

  • Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate-Vinyl Alcohol Resins

    Vinyl Chloride

    Product Description: It comes in powder form. Use cases of the bdoh software There are numerous applications for vinyl resin coatings, including flexible packaging, wood finishes, paper coatings, metal ornamental and container coatings, industrial maintenance and marine finishes, and magnetic tape binders. advantages It is capable of joining with amino resins or polyisocyanates Two, it…

  • Wet Strength Agents for Paper

    Wet Strength Agent

    Product Description: Is one kind of none formaldehyde polymer, nonpoisonous and odourless, hydrogen ion index range is wide. Suitable for in neutral copying paper under the alkaline condition a little and it increases wet strong result and it is obviously superior to urea aldehyde and resin, gather cyanogen,amine and formaldehyde resin three times. Application: This…

  • Xylidines


    High-performance Xylidines are crafted using the most up-to-date polymer chemistry for the ultimate nail experience. This quick-drying liquid helps keep your nails strong and flexible so they don’t break.

  • N Methylene Bis Acrylamide (nMBA)

    N Methylene Bis Acrylamide

    Product Description: Due to rich industry skill and experience, we have been accomplished to provide our valued customers the best quality range of Methylenebisacrylamide.

  • N Methylol Acrylamide

    N Methylol Acrylamide

    Product Description: One of our primary objectives is to export and sell 98% N-Methylol Acrylamide of the highest quality. NMA can be used as a binder or adhesive in the production of paper, textiles, and non-wovens. Additionally, it can be utilised as a surface coating or resin for varnishes, films, and sizing agents.

  • Methyl Acetate

    Methyl Acetate

  • Melamine

    Melamine Chemical

    Product Description : Specifications: Fluidity: 200mm Permanganate Consumption: 0.2mg/Dm2 Evaporation Residue: 0.9mg/Dm2 Melamine Monomer Migration: 0.07mg/Dm2

  • Maleic Anhydride

    Maleic Anhydride

    Product Description : Specifications: Appearance: White Briquettes/Flakes Purity: 99.5% min Colority(platinum -cobalt): 10 max crystallization point: 52.4 min

  • Iodine


    Product Description: Iodine and its compounds are primarily used in nutrition, and industrially in the production of acetic acid and certain polymers. Iodine’s relatively high atomic number, low toxicity, and ease of attachment to organic compounds have made it a part of many X-ray contrast materials in modern medicine. Iodine has only one stable isotope….

  • Hydroquinone


    Hydroquinone topical is used to lighten spots on the skin caused by melasma, freckles, or getting older. Hydroquinone topical makes skin more sensitive to UV light, so it’s important to wear sun protection while using this drug. Due to the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, you can no longer buy Hydroquinone topical…

  • Hydrocarbon Resin C9 C5

    Hydrocarbon Resin

    Product Description Owing to our knowledge and expertise, we have been able to offer premium quality Hydrocarbon Resin. Offered resins are processed using quality-grade ingredients that are sourced from authentic vendors. Known for their purity, precise pH, quick and effective result, these resins are highly demanded by the clients. Features: Purity Precise pH Quick and effective…

  • Furfuryl Alcohol

    Furfuryl Alcohol

    Product Description: Uses: General adhesives and binding agents for a variety of uses As a solvent for cellulose ethers & esters As a liquid propellant Used in the manufacturing of phenolic resins & dark-colored thermosetting resins Used to tan hides Hazards: Inhalation causes headache, nausea, and irritation of nose and throat. Vapor irritates eyes Liquid…

  • EVA Resins

    EVA Resin

    Product Description: We are engaged in providing a wide range of EVA Resin to our valuable client in different specification to meet the diverse requirement of client. These are made from high quality raw material. EVA resins are ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers made by high pressure autoclave process. They are mainly used for foaming, coating, extrusion,…

  • Ethyl Cyano Acetate

    ethyl cyanoacetate

    Product Description: Our company holds immense experience in this domain and is involved in offering wide assortment of Ethyl Cyanoacetate. Features: Accurate composition Optimum quality High effectiveness

  • Ester Alcohol (C-12, C-16)

    Ester Alcohol

    Specifications: Description Limit Acid Value 0.1 max Saponification Value 0.5 max Hydroxyl Value 228 – 233 Moisture Content % 0.3 max Colour ( APHA) 10 max Carbon chain distribution % – C12 and C14 2 max C16 98 min

  • Epichlorohydrin


    Product Description: Epichlorohydrin (abbreviated ECH) is an organochlorine compound and an epoxide. Despite its name, it is not a chlorohydrin. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent, garlic-like odor, moderately soluble in water, but miscible with most polar organic solvents. It is a chiral molecule generally existing as a racemic mixture of right-handed and…

  • Liquid Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)


    Product Description: Dimethyl sulfoxide is an sulfurous compound with the formula (CH)SO. This colorless liquid is an important polar apricot solvent that dissolves both polar and non polar compounds and is miscible in a … Wikipedia Boiling point: 189 °C Formula: C2H6OSDensity: 1.1 g/cm³Molar mass: 78.13 g/mol Melting point: 19 °CIUPAC ID: Dimethyl sulfoxide

  • DiKetene derivatives

    DiKetene derivatives

    Product Descriptio: Diketene is a colourless or very light liquid that does not dissolve in water. Typically, when left to stand, it solidifies. In the chemical industry, diketene derivatives are commonly used as precursors in the manufacture of esters and acetoacetate amides. Dye and pigment compounds produced from diketene are widely utilised. These components are…

  • Cyanuric Chloride

    Cyanuric Chloride

    Product Description Other Details: Cyanuric chloride chemical Compound Cyanuric chloride is an organic compound with the formula (NCCl). This white solid is the chlorinated derivative of 1,3,5-triazine. It is the trimer of cyanogen chloride. Molar mass: 184.41 g/molBoiling point: 192 °C Melting point: 154 °C Density: 1.32 g/cm³

  • Cyanamide 50% Solution (HCN)


    Product Description Application: It is used as intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dye and other technical products. Also used to make melon, methyl cyanoformate, organic guanidine and creatine, etc. Packing and transportation: Plastic drum or as customers requirements. Hydrogen Cyanamide is usually transported with temperature of not higher than 100C. Storage: Stored…