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Shear Beam Load Cells

  • Psb Shearbeam Load Cells


    The PSB is a robust high accuracy shearbeam load cell, available in capacities from 250kg to 10t in tool steel electroless nickel plated. A very popular Australasian shearbeam where it has become the industry standard and the major OEM quality scale makers load cell of choice. Sealed to IP67 it is a perfect cell for…

  • Ls Shear Beam


    The LS is one of the few true low profile shearbeam load cells. If height is an issue with your application, consider a 1t shearbeam at only 24mm high, similar space savings are seen across the LS series. Known and recognised by its keyhole feature, the LS is used extensively in airport baggage scales and…

  • Lcsb Shearbeam Load Cell

    lcsb shearbeam

    The LCSB is a tool steel shear beam sealed to IP67, electroless nickel plated and suitable for most weighing applications. We have trimmed all the non-essential fat off these load cells, however you can be sure that nothing has been trimmed from the actual load cells, they are precision tested and certified to meet all…

  • Asb Shearbeam


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A superb low cost weighing solution, yet surprisingly accurate with good long life features. The ASB is a shearbeam load cell with M8 threads on the 125kg model and M12 threads on the balance of the range. This is one of the most cost effective shearbeam cells available. Robustly constructed in design with…