Steinel Heat Gun HL 1920 E

2000 Watts Heat Gun


Electronically controlled hot air tool HL 1920 E. A versatile tool for removing and welding sheetings, welding plastics, shrinking on cable sleeves, shaping, soldering, drying, thawing, stripping paint and much more besides. Continuou
Optional temperature Scanner         Optimised Weight Balance          Non slip standing surface       

Optional Temperature      Optimised Weight            Non Slip Standing
      Scanner                          Balance                         Surface  

  Infinitely variable temperature adjustment         Hanging Ring          3 stage air Flow

Infinitely Temperature      Hanging ring                   3 stage Air flow
                              decoratind glass                

Finished to a high level of quality with optimum weight balance and long life, the HL 1920 E hot air tool is an absolute "must" for the ambitious DIY enthusiast. The multi-talented all-rounder impresses with 2000 watts of power, infinitely variable temperature adjustment from 80 to 600 °C and airflow control in three settings. And if it ever gets too hot when welding plastic or stripping paint, the automatic cut-out protects the tool from overheating.
Technical specifications electronically controlled hot air tool HL 1920 E
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841352103
Dimensions (l x w x h) 253 x 84.5 x 200 mm
Voltage 220 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Max. frequency 60 Hz
Power consumption 2000 W
Min. temperature range 80 °C
Max. temperature range 600 °C
Temperature regulation Yes
Temperature setting P00264v001
Min. airflow rate 150 l/min
Max. airflow rate 500 l/min
Airflow regulation 3-stage
Airflow rate Setting 1: 150 l / min.
Setting 2: 150 - 300 l / min.
Setting 3: 300 - 500 l / min.
Air volume 500 l/min
Motor Brush motor
Heating element Ceramic
Protection class (without earth terminal) II
Thermostat No
Thermal cut-out Yes
Power cord length 2.20 m
Weight 0.84 kg
Model Folding box
(electronically controlled) Yes
Welding tarpulins         Welding bumpers        Soft soldering  

                        Welding tarpulins                                               Welding Bumpers                                                      Soft soldering                   

Paint Stripping           Cable stripping      Heating rubber

                        Paint Stripping                                                           Cable stripping                                                   Heating Rubber

More uses : 

Removing sheeting

Welding plastics

Shrinking on cable sleeves

Welding sheeting





Stripping paint and much more.