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Multi-gas Detector Microtector Iii G888


The Microtector III G888 is worldwide the smallest and most light-weighted 4-7 gas measurement device with Bluetooth and radio module. Depending on the sensor equipment, the device will warn against risks caused by toxic as well as flammable gases and vapours as well as against lack and excess of oxygen. By individual sensor combinations and a comprehensive accessory, the G888 will satisfy any kind of requirements.

Easy operation

The Microtector is ready for operation after having it switched on. The main functions – peak display, LED lamp, alarm reset, display zoom and rotating display to the wearing position – will be each controlled with a simple keystroke. It is possible to conveniently navigate with three buttons in the user menu, in order to change the device settings or to read the data logger.

The Microtector III G888 is equipped with only three buttons in total for an easy operation. The clearly structured menu navigation guarantees an intuitive handling.

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The device has been equipped with a man down alarm. The time interval when the alarm shall be triggered can be individually set for the corresponding requirement situation. Thus, in critical cases no time would be lost while initiating rescue measures.

Live measured data by radio and Bluetooth

The Microtector III can send the current measured data by radio to the central unit GfG link or an operation centre. In addition, the data can be sent to and app on the mobile phone via Bluetooth. In this way, the head of operations is always informed about the current existing dangers of his employees.

The devices can be clearly displayed as list or detailed view in the visualisation software GfG-Connect.

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The GfG-Link is the safe link between the devices. Depending on the type, four or ten devices can be linked with a GfG-Link. At this, the user name for quick identification of the device as well as the current measurement data will be displayed on the screen of the GfG-Link. The lifesaving man down alarm has a special status in the alarm statuses of the GfG-Link. It will be enhanced by an unmistakable acoustical sequence of signals and a red blinking alarm display. The panel at the front of the GfG-Link clearly represents all linked devices with their current status.

The range in the free field amounts to about 700m. In this way, the safety status of the employee can ideally be monitored in a range of 1400m.

Operation scenario

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Pager function

The head of operations can send short messages to the display of the gas warning device with the integrated pager function. In doing so, he can choose between free tests on the use PC or preconfigured standard messages with the GfG link.

Customized device configuration

The sensor slots can be variably assigned with the following number of sensors:

1X heat tone, 1x infrared (IR), up to 4x electrochemical (EC). The design of the G888 allows different sensor combinations. In this way, the gas warning device can be individually adapted to your requirements.

High-end sensors

Our high-end sensors distinguish themselves by a very long durability, a high measurement accuracy, quick response behaviour and low cross sensitivities. In addition to that, the devices and sensors are designed particularly easy to maintain.

Reliable detection of CO2 and CH4 by the infrared principle (NDIR)

With only one IR measuring chamber, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons such as methane and propane can simultaneously be precisely detected in the Microtector III. To that, the sensor uses up to four gas-specific wavelengths.  Absorption paths and wavelengths of the radiation are perfectly adapted to gases and measuring ranges. Optionally, the infrared sensor can be pressure compensated, if in the use case big pressure fluctuations are reasonably likely to occur (e.g. in the mining sector). Damages of the sensor by sensor toxics, e.g. silicone compounds or hydrogen sulphide can be excluded in the IR technology. The IR sensor has the advantage towards heat tone sensors, that it is not damaged even at highest gas concentrations.

Alarm thresholds

The alarm thresholds for oxygen and combustible gases as well as two current limits for toxic gases and to explosion alarms provide for a comprehensive protection of the equipment carrier. There is more to come;

the long-term value

the short-term value

will be automatically monitored as an average and the average values will be saved. All limits can be individually set in a code protected way.

Data logger

The integrated data logger records the measured gas concentrations and activated alarms up to a period of time of 500 hours. The saved data can be read with the test station TS400 or docking station DS400.

Large display with zoom function and innovative alarm system

The clear graphic display can be rotated through 180° and can be conveniently read in any wearing position, e.g. if you have attached it on your clothing. Advantage: You have both free hands and can keep an eye on all values. The zoom function of the display facilitates the reading such as under a breathing mask or without reading glasses.

Safety meets design

The G888 combines technical innovation with captivating design. Independent committees of experts confirm the outstanding performance in design and functionality, with special emphasis of the small size and of the exceptionally low weight. It is always our demand to combine innovative ideas and techniques with functional design. That is how we produce quality and durability. Attributes, which are a symbol for the name GfG in the gas measurement. No other gas measurement and warning device has received so many awards as the Microtector III.

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