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Every OtoNova is 100% capable of all three test modes but you only need purchase the test options you need. Use only automated ABR in a one stage well-baby program. Or use TEOAE or DPOAEs as a first screen to speed up testing and reduce costs. Upgrading or restricting the modes available simply requires you to enter a different licence code. With OtoNova you are not limited to one installation.


OtoNova is fast. 70 seconds for an average automated ABR pass. As low as 7 seconds for an OAE pass. Our algorithms are proven to deliver very high sensitivity. High Specificity relies on your testing conditions and here the OtoNova scores by giving feedback. Screeners are aided to identify problems, improve their techniques, and improve overall programme performance. The ability to review raw data directly within the Nova-Link App or separately using Otolink*, assists in training and program optimisation
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OtoNova performs automated ABR screening with chirps and OAE screening using TEOAE and DPOAE

OtoNova comes pre-configured for screening efficiency. Its ready to go, or you can customise OtoNova to meet your special requirements. For ABR either use the OAE probe or ear-cups for stimulation at 30 – 45dBnHL. Use your choice of electrodes. Fast ABR pass-refer decisions use our enhanced Fsp algorithm, benefiting from weighted averaging and waveform templating. The ABR waveform is displayed and saved. Our TEOAE uses ILO Quickscreen ‘gold-standard’ nonlinear clicks at 84dBSPLpe. For DPOAE choose the stimulus levels from 5 commonly used settings. OAE pass requires 6dBSNR at the number of frequencies you select. TEOAE frequency bands are 1,1.5, 2, 3 and 4kHz. DPOAEs cover 2-6kHz, 1-6kHz or 1.5-8kHz in ½ octaves steps.


OtoNova is controlled wirelessly from your Android or Windows 10 device via our Nova Link App

Nova-Link offers you touch-screen control of all OtoNova functions. It displays test progress and indicates any noise, probe fit or electrode impedance problems. Results are saved in a 10,000 test researchable patient database which captures full response data. Automatic Pass/Refer decision are based on Otodynamics’ 30 years experience in hearing screening.

Print test reports from your device’s local, bluetooth or networked printer, or to pdf file. Optionally download to Otodynamics’ Otolink PC software for compatibility with NOAH, other management systems and Otoport devices



OtoNova is robust, easy to use and clean

OtoNova is always under your control via the touch screen of your tablet/smart phone but if the occasion demands you can also select ears, start a new test or mark a new patient, from the crib using the OtoNova’s own touch controls. OtoNova’s LEDs show the test result and highlight any problems such as; noisy environment, bad probe fit or individual electrode if impedance is to high. Tests results are always transmitted securely back to the tablet or smart phone and saved


OtoNova is robust, easy to use and clean

There is just one connector for OAE probe /ABR stimulator and three standard electrode connection sockets. No other connections are needed. Connection to the OtoNova device is automatic and wireless whenever Nova-Link is started. Incredibly low power consumption, automatic standby and intelligent power management mean there isn’t even an on/off switch on OtoNova! One charge gives you more than 2 months standby, and completes more than 500 tests. OtoNova wakes up when you tap it (unless you put it in ‘flight mode’). It is even recharged wirelessly (standard charge pad supplied). OtoNova is sealed with infection control in mind so you can safely and easily wet-wipe the OtoNova to keep it clean and safe
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NovaLink has all the functionality you need to easily manage your screening activities and records. The OPTIONAL Otolink PC patient data management suite provides more patient management facilities and deeper analysis. Download test results via USB from your smart device or android tablet. In Otolink test details can be quickly reviewed, printed and archived. Print reports directly to PDF files. Data can be exported via Otolink (Otoport Data Viewer), for example to; Oz Data Systems, NCHAM/Hi Track*, Configurable ASCII, or NBHSW. Data can be transferred via the Otolink (Otoport Data Viewer), to NOAH**. Otolink is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Specification Table

1 protocol, 7 parameters 1 Protocols, 5 Parameters 1 Protocol, 7 Parameter
1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 kHz 1-6kHz or 1.5-8kHz
60 to 84 (Δ1dB) 60/50 to 70/70 (presets) 30-45dBnHL (60dB w.insert)
2,3,4 bands 2,3,4,5 bands
6dB (fixed) 6dB (fixed) FSP+template
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