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vitamin h biotin elisa test kit

Vitamin H (Biotin) Elisa


Enzyme Immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Biotin (Vitamin H) in food


Biotin serves as the prosthetic group of enzymes, which catalyze carboxylations in the organism. For this purpose, biotin is bound via its carboxy group to lysin residues of carboxylases, and the transfer of carbon dioxide takes place after its attachment to a nitrogen atom of biotin, forming the so-called active carbon dioxide.

The awareness of the population for a good health and its interest in healthy nutrition has increased sig­nificantly during the last years. After the content of vitamins in his nourishment has gained importance for the consumer, food has partially been vitaminized by the manufacturer.

When there exists a lack of biotin, seborrhoea, der­matitis, anorexia, muscle pain, tiredness and nervous disorders can appear. As biotin is synthesized by the human intestinal flora, deficiency symptoms are rare, appear however after excessive ingestion of raw egg white, which can be explained by its content of biotin-binding avidin.

In addition to the Vitamin H (Biotin) ELISA (DEBIOE01), Immunoaffinity Columns are available:

The Biotin (Vitamin H) Immunoaffinity Columns are used for the purification and enrichment of Biotin from different matrices. The resulting eluate can be quantitatively analyzed by various analytical techniques like the Biotin ELISA or HPLC.




Kit size

: 96 wells

Sample material

: food

Sample preparation

: extraction, dilution

Sample volume

: 50 µl

Standard range

: 1 – 25 ng/ml


: 1 h (RT/shaker), 20 min (RT/dark)

Measuring system

: TMB 450 nm


: 0.5 ng/ml

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