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Hot Air Gun

  • Professional Roofers Just Cannot do without Steinel’s PVC Welding Machines

      Why can’t Professional Roofers do without Steinel’s PVC Welding Machines? Its an innovation on flat roofs.       Why does this Steinel Roofing Machine Stand Out against its competitors Made from Stainless Steel. Rust Proof. Light Weight – 14 kgs. The Transport Box allows mobility and cartage to roof tops or worksites so…

  • Steinel’s Cordless Heat Gun is a Game Changer

    Steinel’s Cordless Heat Guns is a Game Changer. You cut the chord but not the power. It is a technician’s best buddy, his favourite side kick. Say adieu to lengthy power cables. No more searching for that elusive plug point or compatible sockets when working on worksites spread across different locations. Technicians no longer have…