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Water Measuring Systems

  • Minical Iii Flow Fitting

    minical iii flow fitting

    PROPERTIES A flow-through fitting is preferably used in free outlets of basins, tanks or heating condensers. The robust fitting is easy to install. For protecting the integrated electrodes from a too strong flow and particles, a baffle plate is provided. A cleaning aperture enable fast and easy cleaning. The benefits at a glance Cleaning aperture…

  • Variocon 2010

    variocon 2010

    PROPERTIES The various system of the Variocon amplifier has been designed for providing a compact signal amplifier/controller in line with the market. The measuring amplifier is suitable for measuring physical quantities like pH , redox values or for performing chlorine measurements. The system assures the permanent use in all water treatment plants requiring pH, redox…

  • Minical Iii

    minical iii

    PROPERTIES NH3 detection for cooling circuits Cooling systems with ammonia as coolant need to be continuously monitored for leaks for long-term security of investments as well as for open systems to comply with the environmental standards. ¬†Ammonia is one of the most widely used refrigerants. However, it has a strong irritant and corrosive effect. In…