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Blood Collection Tubes

  • What are Plastic Pasteur pipettes

    Plastic Pasteur Pipettes, also known as droppers or eye droppers, are laboratory liquid handling tools that are used to transfer small quantities of liquids. Pasteur Pipettes Pasteur Pipettes are traditionally made from glass, although nowadays plastic Pasteur Pipettes are commonplace in labs around the world. Pasteur Pipettes are essentially glass or plastic tubes that are…

  • EDTA Blood Collection Tube

    The EDTA Blood Collection Tube is used for Haematological investigation of Blood Samples collected by venipuncture.  EDTA is known as EthyleneDiamine TetraAcetic Acid and is an in vitro AntiCoagulant. These are available in the Vacuum and Non Vacuum varieties manufactured from plastic known commonly as PET. These are identified by a Purple or Lavender Cap….

  • Blood Collection Tube – The basics

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    Blood Collection Tube – The basics  Blood Collection Tube, made from Plastic has replaced the glass tube for blood collection. Its important to understand the purpose of its application. Phlebotomy – is the science of Collecting any Blood Sample for the purpose of Diagnosis, Investigation & Research in a Laboratory. A Vacuum Blood Collection Tube…