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Blood Collection Tubes

  • What are Plastic Pasteur pipettes

    Plastic Pasteur Pipettes, also known as droppers or eye droppers, are laboratory liquid handling tools that are used to transfer…

  • EDTA Blood Collection Tube

    The EDTA Blood Collection Tube is used for Haematological investigation of Blood Samples collected by venipuncture.  EDTA is known as…

  • Blood Collection Tube – The basics

    nvbct 0

    Blood Collection Tube – The basics  Blood Collection Tube, made from Plastic has replaced the glass tube for blood collection….

ESD Single-Use Gloves

ESD Single-Use Gloves

114.881 Nitrile, powder-free. Black colour Suitable for: Assembly in the electronics industry | Automotive industry | Handling of photographic film | Optics | Laboratories | Tattoo studios | Police and security firms.